The best knife set in an affordable budget

Admit it; whenever you go to the supermarket to buy some equipment, or simply some vegetables or fruits, you always think ‘where can I get more for less?’ Well, everyone is attracted to getting two things for the price of one, and that case is the same for kitchen accessories. Knives are very expensive, and one can cost from $10-$30, so admit it or not, you always keep a lookout for getting as many as possible in your budget, and that’s where knife sets come in.

A knife set is a set containing many different types of knives, ranging from regular to butcher ones. Usually the cheapest sets are made of stainless steel, but they are very fragile and can go blunt fairly quickly than others. Carbon steel is a better option if you have more money in your pockets, while Ceramic ones are for the rich ones or you if you’re planning to buy them. But the question arises, which is the best of the best in an affordable budget?

Well, if you ask about my opinion, the Chicago Cutlery Insignia2 is the best. Let’s look at in detail.


The Chicago Cutlery Insignia2:

The Chicago cutlery insignia is perfect for those people who just want a pleasant experience without crying about their money while cutting onions. It comes in a block set, and is an 18-piece set, which not only includes knives, but also other important accessories. It contains paring, boning, utility, bread, santoku, chef’s, slicing, and forged steak knives, with accessories including shears, a sharpener and a block for storage. All the tools are extremely sharp, but are very light weight and comfortable to grip, making it good for the price range. The next paragraph is for people who are generally familiar with knives and their specifications, so skip it if you don’t want to get confused.

The blades are made of high-quality Carbon Steel, with heavy-duty bolsters, increasing the total resistance of the blade and handle against damage, while the triple rivets secure the polymer handles for better control and grip. Each knife measures an approximate of 8 by 7 by 13 inches, and is not suitable for a dishwasher, but can be easily cleaned through hand washing.

Most people don’t believe without seeing and are cautious, here’s the link for the product on Amazon. You can read the reviews and decide for yourself whether it’s the right choice for you or not.

Overall, in my opinion, this knife set is on par with some of the most expensive sets on Amazon and in markets, and is the best if you’re on a budget or simply want to buy some knives for yourself without going into the technicalities and stuff.

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A Beautifully Orchestrated Professional Knife Set

In a single day, I spend ample time preparing food in the kitchen. For this reason, I have realized how important it is to have the best and the most professional knife set that is not only affordable, but also highly effective, durable and reliable.
In my passionate career as a professional chef, I have learnt that professional knives are vital kitchen instruments that require state of the art craftsmanship and manufacturing technology.

In any modern kitchen, having a great knife set is like having an off-road four wheel drive truck on a muddy terrain. The following professional knife sets are in my list of favorites;

1. The Wusthof Classic Ikon 11 piece Knife set

This is a professional looking black and silver knife set that have met all my chopping and slicing throughout my career. Most are the times I drop of items in the kitchen and break them. This means incurring tremendous maintenance costs. However, this knife set comes with a lifetime warranty hence I never spend a dime maintaining all the amazing 11 pieces.
In terms of comfort, all the knives in this set give me the best grip, which means no knife can ever fall off whenever I chop or slice like a pro.
All the knives in this set are made of high-carbon stainless steel which ensure they give my kitchen that desirable aesthetic look and also ensure all the blades stay sharp and clean for many years.

2. The Global Deluxe 6-piece Knife set

As a lover of a beautiful and charming kitchen, this professional knife set works miracles for me. For a fact, it is the most attractive set I have used in years. Made from top-notch Japanese stainless steel, the aesthetic quality of all the 6 knives is indisputable. It comes with a lifetime warranty hence I never have to worry about maintenance costs whenever I break one knife. In terms of comfort, every knife in this set has a hollow handle packed with silica which ensures perfect grip and balance.
Are you worried about sharpness? Well, I can assure you that all the knives in this set has razor-sharp blades that will remain intact for a long time.

3. The Henckels International Classic 15 Piece Knife set

I am a quality enthusiast who always go for the best. This set is undoubtedly my best in terms of quality of service. Apart from having a lifetime warranty, this set has super-sharp blades with unbreakable handles that provide exceptional comfort and outstanding balance. The carbon-impregnated stainless steel in all the 15 blades ensures durability. What else could you be looking for in a professional knife set?

Do you want a professional chopping experience? If you do, the above professional knife sets are worth your time and money. Good luck in your cooking!